Wedding retouching for wedding photographers
Wedding retouching for wedding photographers.
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Price guide


All adjustments are carefully made to ensure that a natural result is obtained. Not all images fall into just one category. For images that need multiple adjustments, more work will be needed. The below list is just a guide and not written in stone. Each image is different from the next and presents its own retouching challenges and each image will be quoted for separately.


Brightness, contrast or lighting adjustments, simple object removal, CCD dust, etc.


From £9

Slimming or simple skin adjustments, simple smoothing of clothes


From £19

Simple background changes, simple person removal or shadow removal, more complex clothing adjustments


From £29

Complete facial retouch, remove a person and bunch up a group, complex restructuring of image components, complex background changes


From £39 orders or images that fall in more than one of the above, please contact us.

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