Wedding retouching for wedding photographers
Wedding retouching for wedding photographers.
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Common wedding retouching requests

No photographer is perfect. The weather is never perfect. There will always be a little something that takes the edge of the photos. Here are some of the most Common wedding retouching requests for wedding retouching that I receive.

Shiny skin – One of the most common wedding retouching requests! Everyone gets hot at weddings. A shirt, bow tie, waistcoat and blazer, that’s a lot to wear. Wedding dresses with all those layers on the top and underneath. Shiny skin is a given.

Wardrobe malfunction – Yes this is a big one too. Little things like clothing labels, or bra straps. A button is undone or done up wrong. Dresses with creases and dirt. See my other post on when clothes go wrong at weddings

Wedding retouching requests

Wedding retouching requests

Object removal – Common in most venues are wired for speakers, sprinklers or safety notices. Often, portable fire extinguishers, plug sockets and light switches. If it is a busy venue there will be wine glasses and bottles and clothing left on chairs.

Windblown hair – Not so easy to put right but still on the request list. Retouching hair is not so simple when the shot is a close-up. Sometimes it is best to embrace the flying hair and make the most of it. Too much covering the face and a donor shot would be required.

And there are more common wedding retouching requests

Lighting – Outside or daylight mixing with warm indoor lighting and halogen lights can create a whole spectrum of clashing colours. One your camera cant work out.

Bad flash – Not much help for this one. If the shot has been nuked by a powerful flash, there is little hope. RAW images may give some saviour but I’ve also seen these with super blown out highlights. If you have shots like this then your photographer was having a really bad day or more should have spent more on the photographer.

Rain – Yep honestly! No sorry, I cannot remove the rain. A skilled photographer can use flash and backlighting to create some really magical effects with rain. Use the rain to your advantage and get some super atmospheric shots outside. Shoot smaller group shots inside.

Person removal – This last one is a big one. Removal of people can be done. It is easier and more efficient to make sure you take a shot of the background first, camera on a tripod. Then shoot the groups without moving the tripod. This way if a person needs removing there will be a background reference for filling in any gaps or pasting over people.

If you are more natural styled off the hip kind of photographer then there will never two shots from the same position and perspective. This makes it very hard to edit out people. Not impossible just a lot of work. More so if there is very little background in the image.

Number one tip for any wedding photographer. Always shoot a background shot before any groups or people shots. It will become an invaluable reference for editing later. Trust me!

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