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When clothes go wrong at weddings

When clothes go wrong at weddings, here are the types of problems you could face.

Creases and folds:

As a wedding photographer, it is your job to take photos, people management is your second job.  When clothes go wrong at weddings it is not always possible to spot the problems. Even if you do see them, there would be little you can do about them on site, unless you carry a portable steam press. If any do occur, careful positioning of the wedding party will hide some creased clothes. The “adventurous pose” is the main cause of creases and folds in clothes in wedding photos.  Asking the Groom to put a leg up on the table or carry the Bride is going to ruffle clothes. Trends, where the Bride is raised up in the air by the Groom and Best Man, should be left till last. If this is part of your photographic theme then you can shoot all these together and at the end.

Dirt and dust:

Best take any full-length photos as soon as you can. As the day wears on clothes only get less photogenic. Wedding dresses can get dirty and dragged across dusty floors taking on a dingy tone. Shoes can also get dirty if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Be prepared with a sheet or tarp and lay it down for the bride to walk over muddy ground. A soggy bridge is not a good look, umbrellas will help in keeping clothes dry and fresh looking for the photos. Sticking to head and shoulders shots later on in the day can help avoid any lower parts that do get dirty or creased.

When clothes go wrong at weddings, a muddy dress

When clothes go wrong at weddings, a muddy dress

Watch out for dinner time spills too, red wine or tomato-based dishes on a white dress, not good!

Wardrobe Malfunctions:

The most common problem of a wardrobe malfunction is getting dressed in a hurry. If it is a hot day and clothing is removed to keep cool, getting dressed hastily for new photos can cause mishaps. Buttons out of sync and shirts not tucked in. Hats at the wrong angle and hair out of place even wearing the wrong jacket! I have seen ill-fitting clothes where the suit hire has been perfect for the groom, as you would expect but not so for other members of the wedding party. Tight fitting waistcoats or jackets cause unsightly wrinkles!

When clothes go wrong at weddings, correcting wardrobe malfunctions by retouching wedding photos

When clothes go wrong at weddings, correcting wardrobe malfunctions by retouching wedding photos

Ties can be a source of problems too, fancy knots can get wrong and need a little evening up or plumping to make them look neat. When clothes go wrong at weddings they will do so at the most inconvenient moments. !Whatever wardrobe problems you come across let us know and we can see if we can help.

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