Wedding retouching for wedding photographers
Wedding retouching for wedding photographers.
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The Holy Grail of wedding retouching

The Holy Grail of wedding retouching, simple tip saving hours editing

Before we get to the “Grail”, What makes taking photos at a wedding a breeze? From a wedding photographer’s perspective, shooting with a secure hand strap with a light camera, gives freedom, fast reactions, and less kit. Right? Let us examine the pros and cons. Pros-...
Common Wedding Retouching Requests

Common wedding retouching requests

No photographer is perfect. The weather is never perfect. There will always be a little something that takes the edge of the photos. Here are some of the most Common wedding retouching requests for wedding retouching that I receive. Shiny skin – One of the most common wedding...
Wedding photography lenses

Wedding photography lenses

Wedding photography lenses. The choice of focal length can affect the way your wedding images look.  Retouching cannot change the length of a lens and create the “look” of another. Many wedding photographers carry a bunch of lenses, some carry just one lens that...
Wedding clothing gremilns

When clothes go wrong at weddings

When clothes go wrong at weddings, here are the types of problems you could face. Creases and folds: As a wedding photographer, it is your job to take photos, people management is your second job.  When clothes go wrong at weddings it is not always possible to spot the problems....
Badly taken wedding photos

Personal “Uncle Bob” wedding photographer story.

My Uncle Bob, who shot my wedding was actually a “wedding photographer with a portfolio”. He had shot my best man’s wedding. My best man’s wedding album was great, with complimenting colours and natural lighting, it was beautifully composed to compliment...
Uncle Bob taking wedding photos.

Hire a Professional Wedding photographer say no to Uncle Bob

Book an experienced wedding photographer to take your wedding photos, not Uncle Bob. Picture Uncle Bob with his camera, taking wedding photos. No tripod, hopping from foot to foot, “Click”, not even using fill-in flash. He has the ISO up so high so he can use a fast...