Wedding retouching for wedding photographers

Wedding retouching for wedding photographers.
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Wedding photo retouching professionally executed. Your wedding as you remember it.

wedding retouching services

wedding retouching services


What wedding photo retouching can do for you.

Our wedding photo retouching services can recompose and edit your photos, remove unwanted shadows and confetti or even people.  We can combine two or more photos together to create that moment you missed. Or create a sense of mood or tranquillity. We can remove creases from clothes and colour black and white photos and create silhouettes and more. We appreciate that not all our wedding photos turn out the way we wanted them to.


Ideas for your wedding photos.

Reducing your photo to colour and black and white can make the bride and groom really stand out. Why not ask us to come up with something new for you. Changing the mood of the photo by altering the focus point or the colour tone of the photo or an alternative background. Perhaps changing the photo to a silhouette or tinting just one part of your image. Even just have the bouquet as a colour centrepiece! Services include:

  • Removing people or adding people
  • Recomposing a photo.
  • Smoothing creases from clothing.
  • Creating mood in dull photos.
  • Combining photos for missed group shots
  • Retouching skin or body shape
  • Improving poor quality wedding photos.
  • Removing unwanted objects or shadows.
Remember whatever your wedding photo retouching needs we are here to help you with your special memories.

Advice for the best retouching results

  • Retouching weddings is not just for professionals, any wedding photo can be retouched!
  • For a faster turnaround stick to digital files, we will retouch them and email them back.
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