Wedding retouching for wedding photographers

Wedding retouching for wedding photographers.
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Wedding photo retouching professionally executed.

Your wedding as you remember it.

wedding retouching services

wedding retouching services


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and we understand how important it is for your memories to be captured perfectly. That’s why we’re here to help you with our professional wedding photo retouching services.

Removing people

Removing people or adding people to create that perfect wedding line up!

Removing objects

Imporve composition by removing unwated objects and cleaning clutter.

Smooth clothes

Remove creases in clothes for that professional magazine finish

Whatever your needs we are here to help you with your special memories.

Our wedding photo retouching services can recompose and edit your photos. Your photos can have unwanted shadows and confetti and people removed.  We can combine two or more photos together to create that moment you missed. Or create a sense of mood or tranquillity. We can remove creases from clothes and colour black and white photos and create silhouettes and more. We appreciate that not all our wedding photos turn out the way we wanted them to. The odd touch up here and there can make your wedding memories special.